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This page contains some of the ways we save money on our family expenses, it contains affiliate links which mean we may receive a small commission  – at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much if you do, and happy saving!

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To save money on your gas and electricity you need to check the options every time your contract comes to an end, which is likely to be every year. The great thing about Switchcraft is that they do all the work for you, and then just email you the options – you just sign up once and it’s all sorted forever!  If you sign up using the link from this website we get a small commission (as no extra cost to you).

We will donate £5 for every sign up to Charity: Water. 

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By buying food on or near it’s Best Before date you are not only saving a huge amount of money on food, but also cutting down on food waste and landfill. We always do a cupboard filling shop here before school holidays as the kids just don’t stop eating! We also love to play with the boxes they arrive in… If you sign up via this link we recieve a small commission at no extra cost to you x 

Note – delivery is usually about 3 days, and the delivery costs can be high so watch out for half price deals via email x 

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You will get cashback on lots of online shopping by using this site. You just join up and make sure you check if the company you want to use is on there before you shop – we save up all our cashback over the year to pay for Christmas presents – and if you get the cashback in certain ways you get even more! Bigger spends will add extra money, so we often order for family and friends via our account for large items like a new washing machine. If you join using this link you will save money and we will get a small commission at no extra cost to you xx 


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