Reality Check

Our theme this month is about Family Life, how relationships, parenting, budgeting, planning etc. but also a bit of kindness for those who are living in families because it’s really hard work! So, there will be a mix of ideas, introductions to useful businesses and some seasonal offerings like Fathers Day.

I really wanted to keep this site honest and authentic with our experiences, we are a normal family we are certainly not perfect and are working to get better in lots of areas. But, what I love about  us is that we all try, we are conscious of our not-such-great-bits and that is wonderful in itself. I had a moment of great clarity when I realised how good it felt to not just acknowledge all the things I wanted to change (which can be a bit depressing if you stop there) but that I could and would change them must one small step at a time x

The most powerful message we can give to our families and friends is to live and behave in the way we wish others did, and allow them to follow in their own time. Lead by example and in the words of Gandi or Obama depending how old you are – BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE…