Preserve the Summer

One excellent way to preserve elements of the Summer to enjoy on a grey day is to make jam or chutney and in the modern era it’s a much work as you may think. You can even make jam in the microwave in small batches, or if you have a bread maker most of them have a jam setting.  Our Eco Friendly Autumn book has recipies for both jam and chutney, and here’s an extra for you too x

Microwave Jam

350g strawberries (or any soft fruit really)

500g sugar

Add the roughly chopped strawberries to a large microwave safe bowl and heat for c. 4mins

Mush them up with a fork, potato masher or similar and stir in the sugar. It should dissolve in the heat.

Put the jam back into the microwave and cook for a further 10mins, it may need a little more or less depending on your microwave so I tend to do 3min spurts.

IT WILL BE VERY HOT. Allow to cool and then add to sterilized jars – it should make about 2 jam jars or 8 of the tiny ones.

Strawberries reek of Summer, enjoy on a teacake or toast as you watch rain fall down a window (or however you like) xx



We have lots more simple recipies in the FILES of our Spend Less Facebook Group – it’s very friendly and helpful and you’d be most welcome to join us x

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