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We received a free photo book from Potato Print, in exchange for an honest review. You can take a look at our Legal Bits for a full disclosure policy, but basically we only review things we really love and feel good about!

If you have been following the site for a while you will know it was our 20th Wedding Anniversary this year, and it was a lovely celebration/holiday with friends and family. We took lots of pictures of the day and the week and shared them all together, but we have years of digital photos on the computer and just never seem to find the time to sort them out and delete the rubbish and print the good ones. We used to complete a scrapbook every year, and we so love looking at them, but they stop the year our first lovely baby arrived – and its’ been a roller coaster ever since!

When we were offered the chance for a free photo book the timing just seemed so perfect, and we sorted out our favourite photos from the Anniversary Trip – it was a lot of fun to decide which to use. The website was easy to use, and you could drag and drop photos over a number of visits before you needed to use them – one feature we particularly liked was that as you added a photo to your product it was marked so you knew which you had already used. The number of photos you could use in the book we chose was HUGE – we had to ask family to send us more! The layout is very easy to change and there is a nice range of sizes etc to make the book really interesting. There were lots more choices of photo books for specific needs, we went with a very simple style that suited our celebration.

The photo book arrived in a rather mysterious parcel, and I didn’t realise what it was at first… it was very well packaged with several layers of bubble wrap and the book comes in a box you can keep it in. The quality of the paper and printing was very good and we are extremely pleased, and grateful, for our lovely memories held in such a beautiful book.

If you would like to do something similar we have been given a code for you to get 10% off your order – how lovely is that? Use FRUGAL10 when  you checkout x 

It has made me want to take some time to sort out all our digital photos and give them the same care that the old style ‘real’ photos always had, I know where the empty scrapbooks are in the attic waiting patiently to be filled – and I really think that we would enjoy putting them together as a family, laughing (and maybe crying) over some memories of the last 8 years sounds like a good thing for us to spend time on. I’ve added it to the ‘Get Organised’ list. I can also think of some particularly special moments that another photo book would be perfect for, and will look to Potato Print for them x


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