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      Mar 23, 2018

Womens Issues…

I asked a few friends what they thought were still the issues for women to tackle now and in the future – I got some great ideas for this theme and will be adding them as the month unfolds. One that surprised me, just because I had never really thought about it much was period poverty. I was very aware of the need to encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly products for girls and women to use during their period, but hadn’t really considered the basic costs of these. The tampon tax brought it into my consciousness, and since then I’ve been more and more interested in this topic – and having 3 girls means it’s a family cost we are going to have for quite some time!

It’s not a subject people really like to talk about because, frankly, it’s icky; but it’s still important!

I have met a number of great organisations working on this issue, and will introduce them over the month – on that is particularly inspiring is Hey Girls…

At Hey Girls we know that you girls and young women are all powerful individuals, care about your health, are passionate about the environment and want to make a difference.
That’s why we girls created Hey Girls – to offer you a no leak, super comfy, chlorine and bleach free, environmentally friendly product that tackles period poverty in the UK. How? Well that’s simple – all the profits from our Buy One Give One products go directly to help girls and young women in need – no fat cat shareholders taking a payout. So that means for every box you buy we give a box away- yep just that straightforward.

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