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      Sep 20, 2017

Take a Break

It’s funny how different people find different things relaxing, and how sometimes the simplest of things seem really hard to find time to do. Today Aryn from With Cream and Sugar blog has a great idea for taking some time for relaxation and reflection – two things we should do much more…

‘I’m obsessed with LUSH bathbombs and listening to guided meditation while soaking in the bath when I need some extra self care.

I’m soaking right now as a matter of fact!!’


Taking a bath or a long shower might be your easy fix for a bit of time out of the norm. Taking a bath should be relaxing, and so taking some time to ‘de-kid’ the area is well worth the effort! It can be a free and simple soak, or you may have some unused products you could open for yourself instead of giving them to the school fair or re-purposing them for a Chrismas present, or if you really want to push the boat out you can buy a bathbomb…LUSH are a vegan company with great production and sustainable practices, they are quite pricey so you may want to look into making your own bathbombs which is actually quite fun – I made some with my older kids and will post our exploits on the main Frugal You page soon…