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      Aug 21, 2018

Love A Thing

There is lots of emphasis on loving people in traditional Valentines talk – but I do think you can feel real affection for things. I’m not a big fan of holding onto ‘stuff’ for the sake of it, or for having more than you need and would never place a material item above a human being… BUT I do think there can be a powerful relationship between a person and an object.

For example I recently came across an unfinished patchwork that I had claimed while sorting out my grandmothers things after her death. She was a wonderful and prolific stitcher and I’m blessed to have many of her patchworks and quilts that I use to do one of my talks. We often sewed together and they are special memories of wonderful and educational times. I treasure them. I will be completing this unfinished project I’ve re-discovered and I will love it dearly, as I did her.

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