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      Mar 23, 2018

Living the Dream

Oh my – another fantastic and inspiring woman to share with you, although I suspect many of you will already know about The Woolly Pedlar! I was so excited to hear that she would not only like to feature here, but is also happy to be interviewed in our Just One Thing series over on the facebook page…

The opportunity for women to follow their own paths and dreams is a very recent (and welcomed) idea, within our living history women would usually have to stop work once they married, or could not even work at all. Women could not have their own money and were the property of their father and then their husband. It’s so wonderful to hear about women that are living their values and expressing their passions and using their skills to run successful businesses, I’m linking to the story of how Sue started and has continued her wonderful line of bespoke, upcycled woollen wear as it’s always best to hear it straight from the source.

I can’t wait to find out who will be next on this exciting exploration of wonderful women!


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