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      Sep 20, 2018

Lest We Forget

On Remembrance Sunday what else could we be thankful for but the safe return of Mr. Frugal from his military service? We have had him home now for eight years and I am still truly thankful every time he comes home safe – that feeling of fear never quite leaves you, even when they have a ‘normal’ job in the city… We took time today to share our thanks in our local Service, and the older children took part in the parade. It’s so important to teach children about the costs of war (in age appropriate ways) and to harness their humanity early on. We have our special flag up for the whole of November, and it’s a great visual reminder of all we are so thankful for.

I get a bit emotional writing too much about our experiences of war – watching the news without sleeping for 48 hours did me no good, and I had to slowly continue with my life while waiting for news from so very far away. It’s a period of my life I will write about one day – I’m sure glad it’s over… 

Tonight we are celebrating being together, sending out a healing hope for the world and thinking what we can do to support those still affected by war around the world.


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