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      Sep 20, 2017

Find Beauty

One way to improve our mood is to surround ourselves with beautiful things – it may be possible to take some time to visit a great local beauty spot, or to go to an art gallery or something equally adult. While I enjoy all of those things, I don’t often find the time to do that sort of thing and if I have the kids with me some of the experience is marred by the constant need to run after a toddler and the high level negotiations required to manage the expectations of how much ice cream will be consumed…


So, instead I try to have things I find beautiful or uplifting at home, in the car and on the bedside floor. This can be anything, a photo, a postcard, something handmade or a piece of art. Our house is very colourful and full to the brim with art – after years of living in Army accommodation of magnolia walls we wanted the very opposite in our own home.


I also have a ‘happy shelf’ this is a collection on my desk of little bits and bobs I’ve gathered and been given over the years that makes me smile when I look at it. I have one in the house and one in the shed – just a little bit of loveliness I can look at anytime at all – and remind myself that I am an adult, a good person with fun memories and that I can choose joy.