Plastic Fantastic?

There is so much information floating around (a bit like all the plastic…) about the massive and complex problem of single plastic use and disposal… to be honest I got a bit overwhelmed and distressed. Watching Blue Planet I found myself so upset that it was immobilising, but then you feel as if nothing you do will help and consequently end up doing nothing.

Of course the reality is that we can ALL do SOMTHING that helps, but they will be small changes to our everyday living, and most of us with families and sleep deprivation and pasta to cook will have to slowly and carefully make our changes bit by bit. What I hope this site tries to show is that this is a totally ok way to go about things – making life long realistic steps in the right direction is great. You are also having an impact you may not even realise by role modelling to your children, neighbours, friends and family. When you make change, and are positive and happy that message gets sent out into the world, and the impact is like a ripple on the pond.

We have created this infographic this morning – to give just 4 quick fixes you can do TODAY to reduce your plastic consumption and use. There are lots more you can try, but let’s just start simple and move on up! I will add another 4 to try tomorrow, and then we all have the weekend to try things out.

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6 Comments on “Plastic Fantastic?”

  1. Great tips! I’m terrible at remembering to bring my reusable bags into the store with me. I need to find a way to make them a habit!

  2. I am trying to get better at bringing my own bags! I have quite the collection of ThirtyOne bags in my car. My plastic bag collection is very small at the moment thankfully.

  3. I only wanted one apple in Asda last week. I didn’t put it in a plastic bag. The till lady was fine with it.

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