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January was a wild mix of ‘getting back on track’  – it seems to have flown by, and suddenly my post about what we’re doing in 2018 feels a bit late… However, better late than never.

I wanted to update you on all the exciting things we are planning, or are already happening for 2018.

I want to have a greater impact on individual families and really move towards our vision of a practical and active community of families looking for ways to save money while also saving the World. To achieve this we have a number of exciting developments…

Winning At Winter Book – this was a collaboration and is a wonderful resource to save money and waste, to keep healthy and happy through the dark Winter months. We are planning to have four books eventually covering all the Seasons, watch this space!

Meal Planning & Sourcing Your Food – this is our first email workshop! Arriving in your inbox over 5 days you will receive videos of me (no filters as you know) as well as lots of resources to help you become a meal planning ninja.

7 Starters to Frugal Freedom – for everyone in our community we have a FREE ebook to get you started on saving money, and becoming a more conscious spender. To get your copy just add your email in the box on this page, or at the bottom of the homepage.

Plan It, Love It, Do It! – our new membership community for people to get support, ideas, inspiration and goals directly from Claire. There are also extra resources based on our monthly themes and EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS with some amazing small businesses. February Founding members also get a FREE 1:1 with Claire.

School Holiday Survival Guide – our next ebook will be the complete guide to surviving school holidays, all you will ever need to Spend Less, Use Less and Do More! I’m hoping it will be out in time for February half term…

FaceBook LIVE! – I’m starting a weekly FB Live interview with movers and shakers from the family or ethical world that will help all of us to focus on small changes we can make to live our dreams, within our means

Out & About – I’m also working hard to get our family friendly, ethical message out and about by doing lots of guest writing, interviews and sharing our message with anyone that will listen! February looks like a bumper month with a feature in REVEAL Magazine as well…

I’m so thrilled by these projects and ideas to get real families moving forward to live their dreams. Join our newsletter here and you will get regular updates, as well as your FREE 7 Starters xx


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