Plan Ahead

Today’s #selfcareseptember idea is from our lovely friend Gemma, we first met as work colleagues delivering courses in Personal Development many years ago – we share so many values and a love of cake so soon became firm friends. We are now both mums and in totally different situations so many years later, but those shared interests and ideas mean we still support each other. But this idea isn’t about friendship (although that does give me a good idea!). Gemma’s idea is about making sure you have plans to manage the darker nights and colder weather…

My self care tip would be: As autumn approaches I find planning nice things into the next few months heads off creeping feelings of gloominess about the weather turning grim and the nights drawing in.

It doesn’t have to cost anything: a walk with a friend, a plan to watch that DVD that’s been in the cupboard a while, painting your nails, visiting a new park with your child. Making sure these are planned in means I always have something to look forward to. 


So – what are you looking forward to for the next few days?

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