Pets etc

  • If your pet has regular medication, it’s worth discussing options with your vet – it may be that there is an alternative brand or a place you can buy in bulk to save money.
  • Try to source pet toys from your local charity shops or make your own. Cats go wild for scrunched up bits of foil…
  • Look on freecycle and local charity shops for suitable bedding, we use old duvets which seem to be readily available for free!
  • Check out good quality items that may last longer e.g. collars
  • Use nappy sacks instead of doggy do sacks as these are significantly cheaper
  • Source as much as you can from recycled sources, online or your local vet/pet shop, maybe use a free ‘wanted’ ad?
  • Remember that children get attached to pets very quickly, and they generally live shorter lives than humans – prepare yourselves for a discussion about death at some point and how you will tackle it.
  • Make sure there are some pet related chores (age appropriate) so that children understand the importance of caring for animals.

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