Pet Sitting

It may be worth finding a circle of ‘pet friends’ to save money and stress on leaving your pet for holidays, breaks. We have a few great people who will have our dog, and we cat sit or similar for them in return. This saves a fortune, but also means your pet is in a more friendly environment and getting more personal care.

If you need just a dog walker or similar you could perhaps do a swap with someone for days that suit you both, or older children may be able to earn some money walking the dog?  There are a number of online ‘Share you Dog’ sites now that allow people to borrow your pet for a walk if they don’t have one, which is a win-win for all. We are very lucky that the foster family our dog lived with initially are still happy to have him as and when needed – for free! (our dog is a failed Guide Dog – that’s all you need to know!!)

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