Paying Forwards

We are so enjoying all the new businesses and organisations we are meeting across the globe, and all the innovations and ideas for running ethical and sustainable companies. We have mentioned a few, but Paying Forwards has a special place in our hearts as they reached out to our kids to become special tshirt testers!

Look at these unique and amazing glow in the dark tshirts for Halloween. They glow so well, but it’s hard to take a photo! We have been tasked to test them for durability and how well they wash – we have promised to give them a thorough evaluation, to help Paying Forwards improve their range.

The reason we were so happy to be involved is that we just love their ethics, and the wonderful work they are doing to support education programs for homeless children. It’s what we hope to be able to model here at Frugal HQ with our donations to Charity: Water and Trees for Cities when people choose to work with us x

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