Part Two

Add green value to your business the easy way…

One concern about the environment is our carbon footprint – you may have heard this term and thought there was nothing you could do about your impact at work… but there are a number of ways every business can look at becoming carbon neutral, or to offset their carbon footprint.

You can calculate your carbon footprint online, there are lots of organisations that do it. A rough guide is that every person in the UK produces about 12.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Here are 5 ideas to consider how you could reduce your carbon footprint:

1. Thinking about how you travel. Avoiding flying, and use the train or bus over driving. Perhaps offering a car share if you are attending an event for example…

Can you walk or cycle to work?

2. Replacing lights with LED fittings, and turn lights off in unused rooms.

Perhaps you could fit sensors to operate the lights automatically?

3. Buy recycled paper and try to reuse before recycling again. Only print essential documents.

Remove yourself from junk mail lists using the help from

4. When you replace electrical items, go for the best Energy Star rating you can.

Maybe you could audit all the equipment in the business and see what you actually use/need?

5. Try to reduce the air miles of your food by buying and supporting local producers. Also consider going veggie or cutting down on meat… #Meat Free Monday?

Taking a packed lunch to work also saves you money!


Offset your carbon footprint – ideas…

 *Plant trees annually with the Woodland Trust, Trees for Cities or any other great charity

 *Search for a project to support that floats your boat on

 *Help others to reduce their footprint by offering lifts or joining a sharing community like Helpful Peeps

 *Share information – shout out about the changes you’re making and inspire others! You could join a Twitter #, write a blog post, collaborate with a supplier the list is endless…


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