Park Life

There are lots of freebies that for some reason people forget about, the park is one of them. Whether you are on your own with your thoughts, being dragged by the dog, lovingly holding hands, or racing after toddlers a large green space is just the thing.

We are lucky enough to be able to walk to five different parks from our house, all of them have a good running around space and some kind of play/exercise equipment so there is something for everyone. Most days if you asked the kids what they wanted to do they would say the ‘little park’ which is the one a 5 min walk around the corner – happy days.

IMG_5574It always seems a bit of a pfaff to get everyone dressed appropriately and go, but to be honest it’s good old fashioned, free fun and the fresh air helps aid sleep, and the running around is much better than not health wise. I have even been known to take part in a game of ‘tag’ myself as the spirit of the park overtook me. There is no down side, lots of ups and it fits the project, so next time they ask I promise it will be a loud YES – LET’S GO!

As we move slowly towards the Spring and warmer weather think how much you could save by using a local park instead of the soft play centre, cinema, bowling alley etc. (Remember to put what you would have spent in savings 😉

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