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Long School Holidays – Love It or Hate It?

So, this month, week and DAY hasn’t really gone to plan! We’ve had visits to A&E, unexpected changes to childcare dates, and a pre-booked event that has actually come at just the worst time it turns out… so lots of learning has taken place, some ideas have been shelved for next Summer and we are doing our very best with late nights and copious amounts of tea.

That’s just how life goes sometimes and constantly re-evaluating the goals is a normal part of family life I’ve discovered. Here is our plan for the Summer, both personal and business and hope you will join us.

On the Business front…

Whether you love them or hate them, or a bit of both – you do have to deal with them. Here’s what we have to help you:

  • On the WEBSITE home page will be a daily free for frugal idea, suggestion, link.
  • Our INSTAGRAM will have a daily pic of what we got up to and what we spent. We use the #spendlessuselessdomore and would love for you to get on board and share with us what you get up to as well.
  • Our other social media will be dipping in and out and sharing the most popular items above. You may want to join our FB Group for Free & Frugal Fun for Kids with lots of freebies and ideas. There are also tons of freebies in our Spend Less FB Group, although not all children focused x
  • For local people to us, we also have a Nottinghamshire UK Events printout you can download in the SHOP this will be added on Mon 23rd July.
  • For those looking for a more sustainable start to the Summer, or indeed any season you can also buy our e-books with practical, easy ideas for low waste, low cost, ethical living.


On the family front…

We have two weeks away in Cumbria this year, we haven’t had two weeks all together in over 11 years – since before the kids! It’s very needed, and although the place we have booked is tiny, I’m so excited by going to a new area and seeing new things, we have researched lots and joined English Heritage using our Tesco vouchers, we already have National Trust membership and have found lots of amazing things to do nearby –  but we also need some downtime and it was cheapest to go right at the start of the holidays when we usually don’t do very much.

On our return we have some play days booked, some TV watching to do and weather dependant some park visits. We are very lucky to have great local amenities. Later on we have some family visiting and I may take the opportunity of extra adults to do a few trips to places we have never been as the adult:child ratio wasn’t too great!  We are then away in Kent with family right at the very end of the holidays, and also have to fit in buying uniform (this post may help), lunch boxes and all that jazz. I suspect it will drag and go by quickly all in the same day! Here are some of my thoughts from previously on this strange phenomenon


Here are my top tips for managing the long holidays…

PLAN – it’s not easy or always fun, but it will make your life better in the long run. Here is a calendar to print out and help you.

DISCOVER – use the internet, FB Events, local magazines, the library, friends and anything else you can find to get the lowdown on local events and activities. Most places have LOTS of free things going on so take an evening to do your research – don’t forget museums and galleries that often have extra things for families.

RELAX – you don’t have to be busy and have fun every second of the day, the kids need downtime from school and probably would like to just chill out. Remember to make time for pj days.

SHARE – you are not alone, every family from your nursery, school or toddler group is also missing them so see if you can get together at a park, house, local event and share the load a little.

ASK – people will assume you already have plans unless you give them the dates you don’t, ask for help or a play date or to borrow a DVD or whatever. You could even set up a Facebook group and chat that way with all the parents you know in the area?

STOCK UP – my kids eat a ridiculous amount in the holidays, we always have an Approved Foods order to just stock up on snacks and picnic food at a good price. If you use this link to make a purchase from them we get a small commission so thanks x

ENJOY – in the midst of all the preparing and cleaning up and arguments and unpredicatable weather try to take a few moments to enjoy the wonders of parenthood, the growing and changing of your children and yourself – the amazing experience this whole show is. You can’t do it all day long, but just once in a while take a breath!


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