November Impact Report

For November we focused on carbon emissions, with two cars this is an area we are really going to be paying more attention to in 2019. It’s always good to get a clear idea of your starting point, so i was thrilled to find this very detailed calculator.

You can use this calculator yourself to check on your families carbon footprint

To complete this you will need quite a lot of information, so before you start make a note of your car annual mileage, energy consumption and any extra travelling you did (like a flight or train journey for a holiday).

The average is 10 tonnes per person per year, the UK Government have made a commitment to reduce this to 8 and then to 4 by 2050. If you are over 10 don’t be put off, but do think and take action to see what you can change or do differently…

For some reason I can’t add photos at the moment, but our score was 6.5 (although I’m sure I will have forgotten a few things…) so I’m really pleased as it means the changes we are making are having a real impact.

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