No Resolutions!

I’m not a big fan of making a list of things I will do for the year, and then feeling either pressured or stressed when they don’t happen… however, I do quite like the feel of January and the opportunities that the New Year brings to re-focus or set a goal – which therefore makes the whole month a bit of a dilemma for me!

So at 3am one morning (as my brain often does) I woke with this great idea… our theme for the month is Start Something, and I hope to bring you a month of ideas, suggestions and inspirations to get us all bouncing with energy and good vibes to carry into 2018. We have LOTS of plans this year, and January is a perfect month to gather momentum and excitement for the year ahead.



If you have an idea for a group, exercise, practice, recipe, something new that you feel people should try then get in touch and let us know – we will try to feature as many people as possible x

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