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Our Wonderful Woman today has been nominated by Jane Shaw, via the #Ethical Hour facebook group – here’s what she wanted to tell us about Eve Bell:

I’d nominate the amazing Eve Bell at Baba+Boo. She started her ethical business when her children were 9 weeks and 18 months; nearly nine years later she continues to run a successful, professional business whilst being there for the school run, PTA etc. She’s spearheading Time For A Change, the campaign to get 60% of babies in reusable nappies by 2020, and is being featured by major parenting and ecological magazines. The best thing? She says what she thinks whilst remaining considerate and lovely; and everything she does is ethical and principled.

What a wonderful and heartfelt appreciation of a great woman. One aspect of our choice of theme this month was about sharing information and ideas and hopefully spreading the word about historical and contemporary greatness… but I’m totally loving that women are sharing their feelings about the impact other women have had on their lives and decisions. I have often found the parenting world to be more about competition than support – and I was very surprised by that initially. To feel an out pouring of support and kindness, to see and hear stories of ‘normal’ people extending themselves and taking action is so exciting and inspiring.

I hope you are enjoying it as well!

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