Today our good friend Lisa Cole is sharing what our theme #feelingthankful made her think of… as someone who supports people to gently de-clutter their homes you may be a bit surprised by her comments!


I have an old cardboard box, badly covered in little bits of scrap paper. The box is flimsy, the patchwork of paper on it is peeling off. It is technically rubbish, not pretty to look at and falling apart. Anyone who sees it thinks I’ve missed the recycling collection.

I will probably keep it for the rest of my life because it makes me happy.

My son made it for me at a rare good day at nursery. It was the first thing he ever made for me without being told. It has some of his first writing on it (I have no idea what it says). This pile of rubbish is incredibly valuable to me and me alone.

If something makes you happy and warm inside it is worth keeping. The beauty of memories is that they are not skin deep. The look, feel and sometimes smell of our belongings can all take us back in time in a second. This isn’t permission to keep all the things! This is a reminder that memories need reminders so if something in your home can make you feel great, I suggest you keep it no matter how it looks to someone else.

Although to anyone else my little box is a pile of rubbish, to me it is a beautiful thing that makes me very thankful to be a mum.


For me, being a mum has had lots of up and downs – I also have some things I can’t part with, even though a couple of them make me very sad. I agree with Lisa that keeping some items is good, and we have so much to #feelthankful for as parents.

If you need help with gentle de-cluttering, take a look at Lisa’s website it’s quite inspiring!

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