March 2019 Impact Report


So, this year we are sharing items we are buying, making or changing each month. Last year we used a different calculator to measure our impact, so we are just changing things up to keep ourselves motivated and focused. By spreading the cost of items over the year it also helps us to slowly make changes that don’t break the bank.

In March we made a couple of changes to how we keep the family clean! We purchased an eco laundry ball which should last for 1,000 washes and came in a card box that could be recycled, I believe it can be re-filled to be used forever and that number of washes it about a week in Frugal HQ! So far, so impressed. I like that it doesn’t have a smell and it seems to be working really well.

We also moved to Smol for our dishwasher, this supports a small business and  they are cheaper and have fewer chemicals in and come to us via the post at a regular interval we set – this is great as it’s the sort of thing we forget. Ultimately this is just a stop gap until we make our own, but this will do for now. All of the packaging is made from recycled products and if you remove the sticky label they can call be recycled in household collections again.

We had already signed up to get a box of loo roll from Greencane Paper and that is working brilliantly and the kids love the large box!

Another change had been moving to shampoo bars instead of bottles and again that is going fine, they last a lot longer than you would think. We have used FHC Cosmetics and will try a few more over the next few months I’m sure.

Making changes really is about lots of small adaptations to your normal life, and once they are your new normal you can do the next thing on your list x

Can’t wait to share April with you xx

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