Lovely Lavender

Lavender was bound to come up at some point during #selfcareseptember! It’s is a very traditional and successful relaxation aroma and there are lots of different ways you might include it in your self care plans:

  • a candle or other smelly distributor
  • put a few drops of essential oil in the bath
  • use a lavender infused cream or oil to massage your feet, or get a nice person to massage your neck and shoulders…
  • put a few drops of lavender oil or real lavender sprigs under your pillow
  • add lavender sachets to your pj draw
  • use a lavender shower wash like this one from Faith In Nature

Julie from Fab Working Mom Life has a great idea to share, her top tip is:

‘I love my lavender heating pad, I heat it up in the microwave and lay it on my shoulders, it’s great for headache relief.’


Do you have a favourite lavender product or item that works for you? I have to confess it’s not something I use very much, but I’m now thinking I should… and there is a beautiful lavender plant in our neighbours garden I could offer to prune.

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