Love A Thing

Our theme for September is all about simplifying life – to allow us to notice the good stuff and not get too distracted by the ‘noise’ of living in the modern world. After the fun of the Summer we are settling down to a more moderate pace and looking forward to Autumn. I’m re-loving this piece from our Love Wins theme as it’s evocative of how I think our Simple September can go…


There is lots of emphasis on loving people in traditional Valentines talk – but I do think you can feel real affection for things. I’m not a big fan of holding onto ‘stuff’ for the sake of it, or for having more than you need and would never place a material item above a human being… BUT I do think there can be a powerful relationship between a person and an object.

For example I recently came across an unfinished patchwork that I had claimed while sorting out my grandmothers things after her death. She was a wonderful and prolific stitcher and I’m blessed to have many of her patchworks and quilts that I use to do one of my talks. We often sewed together and they are special memories of wonderful and educational times. I treasure them. I will be completing this unfinished project I’ve re-discovered and I will love it dearly, as I did her.