Long Distance Love

As a military family for a very long time, when I saw this company on Instagram I was immediately drawn (!) to them and their work – when a parent is away for a long period of time, for whatever reason this is such a clever and thoughtful idea to help keep strong bonds between the family. The examples are often for children to colour in a pillowcase or other item and then send to a significant adult – but I think they would be wonderful for just adults too!

The pens will usually do a second project like decorating shoes.. it’s not a throwaway gift, but something really unique and both lovely to make and to receive. It is also a useful item, easy to pack and post and then to use and travel with for the person away.

We have been offered an amazing discount using the code FrugalFriends01 – £7 off!! Valid until 24.5.18.

I will be adding a post about Long Distance Relationships and will be talking more about Ginger Rainbow – check them out here:

Instagram – @ginger_rainbow1
facebook – @grainbow1

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