Library Lovin’

Another of the freebies that people seem to forget about (to our great shame as they are being closed…) is the local library.

They really are the most amazing resource, not just books to borrow but also information on local groups, events and reference books. You can use the internet, print a letter and in our local library you can now get a cuppa too!CZ5jUi3WEAE-34iWe use two libraries locally, one is a tiny portacabin which offers a very personal service and is small enough that I don’t have to worry about small kids running up and down stairs or getting lost/leaving without me etc. This is our usually weekly library to visit. There is a reading scheme for children (which our oldest two have now completed) so you get a stamp in your passport every time you visit, and then a certificate for every six stamps. Our kids love that they have their own library card, and it’s a nice gentle way to encourage responsibility as they have to keep it safe and remember which books need to go back etc. The older kids count to make sure they can take out more books – but we’ve never maxed out a card, you can have about 20 books at a time!

Our less frequent ‘treat’ library is the newly refurbished and sparkly town centre library. It’s beautiful and wonderous and we sometimes go just for a play and read while we are there. There is a much greater selection of books here, so it’s a good mix for us to use both. With all the kids I do find it a tiring place to visit as they do so love to climb the stairs and use the self service computers etc.

Both offer us a completely free hour or two of entertainment, as well as the free books and DVD’s we take home. If you think about it, it really is an amazing thing – please use them so they can keep going for many years to come.


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