Keep It Up!

This is the last day of our #selfcareseptember series, and I’ve been blown away by the kindness and good feelings it’s unleashed! On a personal note I’ve realised how hard September is in our house, and I plan to make sure that every year I take some time at the end to re-set myself. I’ve also been inspired to continue with my sewing plans for some creativity and personal achievement, as well as the potential for some great social (and even paid) workshops.

The future looks lovely, and I want to thank all the contributors to the month – please do visit them and consider supporting smaller, independent businesses for whatever you may need in life. 


I’m ending the series with a good friend of mine, also a small business owner and all round great person… and her take on helping others. We’ve had some very wintry weather of late, and they have a number of feral cats in the area – so she took the packaging from her deliveries and created a cat hotel, to keep off the rain and frost. The penthouse is already taken! The cost for this was energy and time, but the joy it will give is hard to measure. A bit of positive in a World that often only seems negative…


Happy #selfcareseptember x

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