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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the value of human connection in life generally, it’s also something I know to be an important part of our basic needs from my professional background, having contact with other people is essential to a healthy life and in the Winter that sometimes gets more difficult if the weather means we go out a little less or go into ‘hibernation’ mode. One of our posts in The Grief Diaries is all about the simple, connecting act of making a cup of tea, it doesn’t have to be grand gestures to help someone feel less alone – our local community have a recently added a special bench in the Square in the high street just for people to sit and welcome a chat on.  Our local fire service also have a regular round of visiting older people in our community to check on their home safety, but also often to have  cuppa and a chat.

Keeping in touch with lots of people you know is one way to keep connected, and I’ve added a post below that expressed how important people we  know and from unknown parts of our social media,  were to our family recently. But there may be fewer people that you have a deeper connection with, a shared  history or an ‘in joke’ and those are truly worth your time and effort to keep communication flowing.

One of our Feel Good Friday ideas in the Wining At Winter book is to send a postcard (you may have some, they are free at the cinema, or you could cut up birthday card) once a month to say hello to someone.

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