June Impact

Following on from last month, we tried a different way to look at our impact this month. I found a recycling calculator in the most unexpected place (that’s the power of internet searching!). Despite never having drunk cola, a famous brand had this interesting way to add in items  you have recycled, and calculates the power that could have generated. It has a good selection of household items and I suspect I have underestimated what we got through in a week – so our results would be higher.

Feel free to give it a go yourself… https://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/recyclometer

I am finding it helpful to get an idea of the impact of an average family, and it’s much easier to describe tangible things like this with the children – I even went as far as saying we could only have the TV on for the hours we create with our recycling, the kids (and Mr Frugal) are still discussing that one!


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