July Impact Report

Well this is very late! It turns out going away over the end of a month and start of another doesn’t work well, I forgot to pay nursery and all sorts of the ‘end of the month’ things and then by the time we were home, I was distracted by four children and unexpected rain!

Anyhoo – this month we have tried yet another calculator to assess our impact, I still think the one in June is my favourite, but this one made me feel really good about how we are doing in our challenge to live our values. It did require a bit more information than some we have used, and you had to give an email to start the process.

You can take a look at your earth day, via the Earth Day website, which is a complex calculation based on the resources in the World and the rate they are being used by us all. It lets you know whether you are using an excessive amount more than ‘average’ or not… it’s an interesting theory.


I’d love to know what you make of it all – do let me know x

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