January 2019 Impact Report

In 2018 we used a different calculator each month to see how we were doing, I feel we have now worked our way through most of them, so this year we are going to measure our impact in different ways. I will create a single list of all those calculators so you can take a look at your own progress – but this year I’m going to focus more on the changes we are making each month in our family life.

This month we have focused on Clutter!


In January we…

Had a plastic free New Years Eve – while on our holiday in lieu of presents, check it out here if you’re not heard about our decision before!

Had a huge sort out of toys, clothes and shoes and now have a massive pile of bags and boxes in the attic! The plan is for some clothes to go to friends, the Bags 2 School collection to raise funds for our kids tiny school, and a few party dresses to be sold. The shoes will all go to shoe aid. The toys are being saved for a boot fair in the Spring.


You may have seen our series of articles all about Clutter and Wellbeing when we were the guest take over at Less- Stuff if not feel free to have a read x


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