It’s been a while…

This is my first Thursday Thought in a very long time – and as I started to type, I realised just how much I’ve missed it. The last few months have been, shall we say, ‘Challenging’… I thought I could write a website, run a household, care for four completely crazy kids, walk the dog and remain sane quickly. I was wrong. It’s been so hard to learn all these new technical terms and skills (and I thought I was pretty IT savvy!), and then just when I felt ready to share this work with the world – my site got hacked and I was too devastated to start again for a while.

But, I just love it – I love the feedback I get from people who say an idea helped them in some way, or that they have connected with our worries and concerns and appreciate our efforts to share our small changes into big changes philosophy. Frugal doesn’t mean cheap, and it certainly means planning and effort – the rewards are worth it though, and this website is worth it. I like what I’m doing, and I’m not going to let a poor hosting company change that – so I’ve moved to a great one called It was nice to be reminded that there are good people in the world x

So, sorry but there will be lots more where this came from!!!

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