Inner Rhythm

Today’s suggestion is about using our ears to feel cosy, which is probably not the first thing we think of. Listening to relaxing or envigorating music, a good book or talking to a friend are all nice ways to curl up and be surrounded by loveliness. It’s a useful skill to get used to checking if all our senses are being used and cared for whenever possible. Often we may be too tired to read but still know that a good story would allow us a moment of escape or distraction and it may be an audio book works just as well.

Over on the Less-Stuff post today is a great playlist of music already curated for you to enjoy, based on the ideas of Lisa’s facebook group. You can check it out here…  You can join in with our daily prompts on all our social media, and you are very welcome to join our friendly private group Spend Less, Use Less, Do More! 

Using music or sound as part of a self care system is one of our Feel Good Friday ideas in the Winning At Winter book, it’s an easy, cheap and quick idea and if you can build up a resource either online or from physical music ready for when you need it I’d encourage you to get a head start. I love to have film soundtracks, they transport me to far away places and remind me of beautiful words or scenes, all while on the school run.

Ideas to try:

  • You can borrow CD’s from the library service
  • Use a site like Music Magpie or Ebay to get second hand and cheaper music
  • have a CD swap at school for kids options
  • Keep a list of broken or missing music you love so can check the shelves in charity shops
  • consider audio books for when you love stories but may not be able to read

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