Help a Small Business

You may not realise that you are a powerful force in the world!


This idea of consumer power has come up several times during our Just One Thing interview series (check it out here if you haven’t been watching) and I do think we have forgotten the supply and demand relationship – we are being given what it’s believed we want, and if that’s not the case we need to become more vocal. The pressure that can be brought to bear just by our purchasing choices is massive. Look how quickly there has been a single use plastic ban at a legislative level – all from public pressure.

Every time you buy something you are having your say about what shops should offer. You are enormously powerful to create change, and when we all work together we can change things very quickly. It’s quite exciting to feel that you can make a difference – and it’s true!

One thing I’ve been working on recently is trying to move my money to small, indie businesses. Keeping money in the local economy is a very powerful way to support your local area. I’ve made this to explain the power we have to help small businesses and some of them are free!

Maybe you could commit to doing Just One Thing today? Sharing this infographic would be awesome…

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