Guest Post – Recycled Paint!

Sort of on our cleaning theme, I was thinking about clearing out the shed (not my precious working shed obviously!), and all the odd pots of paint made me think about redecorating, and about how unlikely it was that we would ever get around to it… and then I randomly met Amy and her families project to recycle paint. Here’s what they do:

I would like to tell  you a little about Newlife Paints Ltd ( you may not have heard of the company. It is a small family run business that has a mad scientist at the helm, he has developed a process that recycles emulsion paint from the excess that everyone has sat in their garage or under the stairs still in its pot waiting to cover up any marks on your painted walls – that is so never going to happen, because by the time you get round to doing that you have decided to change the colour- so take it down to your local recycling centre where they will collect it and send it on to us or one of our licensees. We re-process the old paint by whizzing it up in drums, each colour is done separately and the colours are carefully chosen from the waste to match our lovely colour chart. We test the batch and treat it as necessary to improve it, do a final colour check on it and filter it before filling it off into tins. Any old tins go to be recycled in turn and even the old plastic pots get recycled now.
We have several licensees spread through the country but between us we only recycle about 1000 tons of paint a year since it’s estimated that about 55 Million litres goes to waste each year we have a long way to go! So if anyone wants a business idea here is one – become a licensee. We teach you the (patent pending) process and support you in return for a license fee and royalties
Everyone can help by using recycled paint when you redecorate and by taking your old paint to the waste recycle site. Our reprocessed paint is not smelly and lumpy and brown like old Playdoh but pristine thick emulsion paint with a hard matt finish in a range of 28 beautiful colours. Reborn is priced at £29 for 2.5 litres, but if you order a sample pot from us we will send you £5 off a full sized tin, so you get to test it for free.

Next time you are redecorating, think of us!
Written by Amy from

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