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How to give an old t-shirt a new lease of life and send one less thing to landfill!

Have you held on to a beloved old t-shirt that no longer fits but you just can’t bring yourself to chuck it? Its estimated that about 30% of clothing in our wardrobes hasn’t been worn in a year so here’s a straightforward tutorial on how to upcycle one of those old tops into a little pair of simple leggings for that small person in your life! The sheer amount of clothing that ends up in landfill every year in the UK (in the region of about 350,000 tonnes last year!) was enough encouragement for me to start turning my hand to reusing and upcycling fabrics and materials and kitting out my two kids in unique, eco-friendly and fun little outfits!

That then escalated into me making things for my friends and family’s children, followed by the big leap of leaving the office job and starting up from home. I’ve been going about 18 months now and its so satisfying knowing that I am giving lots of pre-loved fabrics a new lease of life whilst at the same time making an impact on the carbon, water and waste footprints of clothing. In this simple to follow tutorial I show you how you can have a go at making an easy little pair of baby or toddler trousers yourself. You’ll save a bit of money, give a tired old top a new lease of life, and it may spur you on to think differently about the disposable nature of clothing and fashion! Check out the link to the tutorial here DIY Tutorial

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