Ground Hog Day

When you have a family there are many things that people are dying to tell you, usually about 9 months too late! However, there are also MANY things that no one tells you that can come as a shock – this is not a graphic post I promise.

Apart from all the singing which came as a surprise to me, and of course then having to learn all the songs… the main one is the monotony of it all. My neighbour and I call it groundhog day, that permanent deja vu as you fill the washing machine again, the dishes again, the food shopping again, the constant tissues in the bin etc etc. I’ve come up with a range of ways to combat this (sometimes overwhelming) sensation, and it’s a question I often ask other parents, so I thought it might be nice to share some of the ideas…

  • After hearing so many times from my mother about how lucky I am to have disposable nappies and a tumble dryer I started saying ‘thank you’ to my appliances as I use them.
  • One friend shouted ‘Dear God’ when the laundry pile threatened to take over the house, which made her think that folding the laundry might be the only time in the day she gets to pray, so embrace it.
  • As the little Averages get bigger I’ve started to involve them more in chores, and amazingly it can be really nice time together.
  • I begged for these little A’s, so can’t really complain about the stuff that goes with them.
  • Take a day off now and then, leave the dishes and go have fun. We keep a stock of paper plates and instant noodles for those days.
  • The little A’s have a bag each and they use it to take up their toys to their bedroom each night (in theory!)
  • I find that I can only get about 15min windows of opportunity during the day, so little and often works best.

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