Green Eco Box

This is an honest review of an Eco subscription box we were sent for free – it’s one we would of happily paid for as it’s awesome!

Our Green Eco Box arrived as part of our plans to reduce our plastic consumption at Frugal HQ this month, and hope that by focusing on it now we will make changes for the long term. Agreeing to review this box fitted in perfectly with our July theme, and also with our current Bee Kit project you may have seen on Facebook?

The Bee Happy Box, gives a donation to the Bee Project being run by Greenpeace, and the letter in the box was printed on paper that can now be planted and create a beautiful little wildflower plot in the garden. For each box a tree is also planted in California to help re-forest areas destroyed by fire. All of this was a so exciting, and before we had even looked at the lovely products inside!

Inside the box were a range of interesting and unusual foods – I particularly enjoyed the chocolate ;). I’ve also used the nut and olive paste on toast, and added it to some pasta as well. The tea I’ve given to my dad as he will really enjoy the citrus and ginger flavours in this heatwave. All of the products were high quality and in reusable or recyclable packaging. The box itself can also be reused and the packing has been given to our school for a farm theme they have this half term so will be enjoyed by a large group.

I was impressed by the range of ways in which the box complemented our values, and the thought that had gone into every aspect of the contents. The pistachio bites are lovely with a cup of tea…

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