Green and Clean

Say goodbye to June…

We are ending June with a cleaning frenzy… not an actual one because I hate cleaning, but all the theory is here on the website. We’ve made a few changes since starting our project, mostly in the products we buy and in the reduction in waste and water usage. It’s great for the environment but also helped with our savings so it’s a win-win. There are some great tips here for greening up your cleaning in all areas of the house – and they should save you some money too. You can find them on here or our YouTube Channel.

Plans for July

  • Our free e-book should be out next month with seven ways to start your frugal journey.
  • We also have the monthly newsletter starting for those who would like to learn more about us and what we’re up to, it’s not a copy of what’s on here, but all new and exclusive info!
  • You can join our community at the bottom of every page xx
  • We will be starting the planning for the School Summer Break – Staying Sane in the Holidays with our new page Frugal Events – I can’t wait.

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