Gratitude and Kids

Great podcast here about how to help kids see your values in a very practical way – over just talking to them about what’s ‘right’ all the time. I found this very thought provoking… even with a very young family we have tried to include acts of kindness into our version of normal life, and I think it does start young. We read a lot to our kids, and always try to use the stories to start a discussion about being kind, or truthful or a good friend etc. They are brilliant ways for children to learn about emotions, relationships and all the tough stuff of being human.  There are now many books (see image for one idea!) that specifically tackle a global issue in a way that children can understand. I wish that all children will have the opportunity to become confident, independent and  happy with their own set of ethical guidelines – and a parents responsibility is to help guide them through the maze of life to that point.

We have a Random Acts of Kindness advent challenge coming up tomorrow… and this is the last post in our #feelingthankful series. I hope it has included some useful ideas and that you continue to check in with us over December when we will be thinking warm thoughts!




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