Grab a moment…

Today I listened to my own advice – there’s a first time for everything! I had the very rare opportunity (thanks to Nanny and Grandad) to only have one child in the house and she was having a nap. Usually I would have taken that time to sort the dishwasher, write this post, make a phone call and get dinner ready. Instead in honour of #selfcareseptember I made a cup of tea and actually drank it while it was hot. I took about 30 minutes to just sit. It was bliss. I have since done all those other jobs in double quick time as the naptime is about to end, but I still feel glad that I had that cuppa and read a few more pages of a book that I’m enjoying.

This doesn’t happen often, so I needed to grab it while I could. Self Care is about making sure our own needs are on the ‘to do’ list – we may not get many moments when we can do something positive for ourselves, so when they arise do try to grab them.

If you’re interested the book I’m reading is all about how to start a business that is meaningful, it’s been such a good book for me right at this moment. I would recommend it  as it’s fun and interesting even if you’re not about to launch your own business.

So…if you got 30 minutes to yourself what would you do?

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