Go Outside!

I’m so thrilled to have our tip today from Dr. Jemma Harris, and it’s a cracker too!

My #selfcareseptember daily is easy, practical and incredibly frugal…. Get yourself outside and enjoying nature more!

Contact with nature has been shown to have a huge range of benefits including improving your mood and general wellbeing, replenished attention, and feeling more connected to others and to life in general.
Plus, experience with nature has been associated with a range of specific benefits for children, including:
-Better resilience to stress
-Increased concentration and self-discipline
-A sense of peace
-Increased social interaction
-More positive feelings towards others
-Increased imagination and wonder
-Increased creativity

So this September set yourself the challenge to get outside more… whether it’s to go for a quick walk, admire the autumn leaves, jump in puddles, enjoy a picnic or to enjoy a travel mug of coffee whilst you take the long scenic route via to work or the shops via a park or two!
Getting outside and connecting with nature is sure to give you a boost!

Jemma is a mum of two, a Chartered psychologist and founder of Happy Little Bundles , a social enterprise increasing the impact of research in psychology and education through family activity packs. We will be buying one to try so watch this space for a review…

We have certainly enjoyed many outdoors days over the Summer holidays with our kids, and they are very happy to be out and about. A love of nature really starts very young, so we encourage exploration and enjoyment whenever possible, one way to do this is with a scavenger hunt. You can have a search online, make your own or join a nature based organisation that send you things to do with kids, the possibilities are endless x


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