Go for a Walk

This sounds so simple, and yet quite often we find lots of reasons not to do it – despite the fact there are so many benefits for our physical and mental health. Walking allows us time in nature, fresh air, physical activity and often we can do a quick chore too like post a letter or grab a loaf of bread. It’s the main topic of one of our Feel Good Friday ideas in the Winning at Winter book which is available as a download PDF from here that you can print at home, or via Amazon.

During the Winter getting outside can be quite tricky if the weather is bad, but we still need to find a way to get some sunshine and fresh air to keep ourselves healthy. Walkng is also often an opportunity to have some time to think, some personal space to reflect and this can be a good way to manage the season where we may feel a bit ‘peopled out’ on occasion…







Here are 10 things you could do while walking:

  • recite poetry or song lyrics you enjoy
  • listen to a audio book or music
  • take a few photos of beautiful things
  • collect any seeds or cuttings (with permission as required)
  • plan a conversation you want to have
  • rehearse something you want to say
  • count your steps towards a health goal
  • reminisce in a certain area or space
  • complete a scavenger hunt
  • pop a friendly note through the front door of a garden you admire

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