Get Ready for Spring

One of my favourite Winter tasks is to prepare the way for a cheerful Spring by planting bulbs (page 29 of our Eco Autumn book!). These make lovely gifts too and don’t have to cost a lot of money, I bought a mix of 50 daffodils today for £5.00, it was for Eco Club at school and the kids are going to bring in a tin can from home and each take home a bulb, with enough left over to plant around the school and to leave one each in the classrooms so the children can watch them growing (eventually)! It’s also a good opportunity to talk about the seasons and life cycle of plants.

My personal favourite it growing hyacinth bulbs in our special glass jars so we can see the roots growing, we have competition each year.  Other popular choices are daffodils, narcissi, tulips and bluebells (you could also add some snowdrops too).

Having a bulb plant indoors or in a pot outside that you can watch is a nice reminder that although there is nothing happening on the surface, there is lots going on deep down, and soon the full glory of the plant will burst out. It feels a nice metaphor for life!

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