Get Comfy

One of the most important aspects of Countdown to Cosy is the about being physically comfortable, snuggling up and being warm. A simple way to work on this is to take some time to think about your clothing and what you will need to keep warm during the Winter, this is something you can do over time;  a few ideas to get ready might include:

  • Take a look at your current wardrobe and consider what no longer fits – it can be kept in storage, or got rid of depending on what it is and how you feel about it.
  • Make sure the items you need to be cosy are easily at hand e.g. warm socks, cardigans and wraps.
  • Keep outdoor wear gloves, hats etc near the door so you are less likely to forget them.
  • Keep spares somewhere useful – for example if you’re likely to get wet feet on a Winter walk have some dry spare socks in your bag, car or as you walk back into your home.
  • Consider wearing slippers to keep your feet warmer during the Winter, especially if you have hard floors.
  • Get rid or repair shoes, boots, coats and umbrellas that leak.


Our Winning At Winter book is set out with weekly ideas, and includes Throw It Tuesday – which this would work well with x  Don’t forget to pop on over and see what Lisa is sharing in our collaboration Countdown to Cosy series, today you’ll get a great declutter list x

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