Frugal Father’s Day

How to have a Frugal Fathers Day… it can be done x

So we managed with the Mums to have some thoughtful and inexpensive ways to say I Love You – and now it’s Dads turn, you will see a theme no doubt and a few freebies as well x

Here are 5 frugal ideas for thoughtful, personal gifts:

1. Do a chore instead of them, you can do it yourself or ask a friend or even pay but think of a job that dad does which isn’t his favourite thing and give him the week off.
2. Have his favourite dinner, drink and pudding. Even if no one else likes it.
3. Use our free Winner Certificate to celebrate an important man and their contribution.
4. If you have children in the family use a free download from Mrs Mactivity to make a card or gift.
5. Arrange a meet up with their friends. Men are generally not as good at keeping in touch with friends as women, you could book a free online meeting, send a text to all go to a certain pub or café or arrange invite them over to the park. This could be a whole family event, or just a Dads Night Out – but be led but what they would prefer not by what you would normally do!

If you are going to buy a gift, consider getting something that’s meaningful or useful, or an experience rather than an item – just because it says Dad on it, doesn’t make it any of those things! Research tells us that people enjoy and feel a real benefit from activities over things… just sayin’.

You could also consider supporting an organisation that supports men? Here are a couple we particularly like…

KINGS Grooming – a wonderful new start up to create ethical and cool products as well as giving profits back to tackle men’s mental health issues. Support their crowdfunding campaign if you’re able to x
The Kick It Out Campaign – tackling all forms of discrimination in football, they have a shop of course!
The Men in Sheds Association – supporting men to find community and activity around local ‘shed’ groups. You can find a local group or set up your own with their brilliant website, you can also contribute to their work.

I can’t have a post about men and fathers without counting my blessings that my own man and father to my kids managed to make it home alive and unharmed from his time serving in the British Army, if you know a veteran or serving soldier that needs support, or would like to help those who do I can’t think of a better organisation than the Royal British Legion. There are lots of different organisations in this field now, and choose what you feel connected to but I love the way the Legion supports families x

Like all of these commercial ‘Days’, we take the attitude that it’s a good thing to have a reminder to celebrate some great people in our lives, if you know of people that might struggle on this day think of a way to support them, the easiest way is to just be open and ask if they would like to meet up or if there is anything you can do to help them manage the day.

If you would like to honour a Dad that is no longer with you there are many ways you can include them in the day, by having a picture of them up for the day, remembering their favourite joke, sharing your favourite stories and memories of them, all wearing their favourite colour or a sports shirt for their team, visiting a favourite place of theirs etc.

If the whole idea of Fathers Day is unpleasant because of a personal situation you can just ignore it all together, take yourself somewhere you are less likely to be invaded by images and adverts about dads and have some time ‘off line’. Or, you could celebrate a male role model that you do admire. You’re the boss.

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