Journalling January

As many of you who follow here or on social media will know we had a terrible tragedy befall our family over the Summer, with the shocking death of our son. There are many places on here that are now not officially up to date, but I’m not in a place where I can change them just yet.

What we do feel able to do it take care of ourselves as we ride the roller coaster of grief, while supporting our young children with their own process as well. It’s exhausting. Having taught Coping With Loss for over a decade I do feel I have resources to draw upon, and I’ve decided to add a new section to the website called the Grief Diaries – you don’t have to look but it may be supportive to some of our community.

In January to kick of 2020 we are taking some time to introduce the idea of Journalling as a way to reflect and plan – this can be very useful for making changes to how your family lives and operates. As always we are walking the walk as well as talking the talk – so I look forward to sharing with you.

Part of this process will be a chance for us to reflect on where The Frugal Family itself wants to go in 2020 – we need to find ways to make it pay it’s way without loosing our values or personal touch…

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  • Do you worry that money is tight and there is so much you could spend it on?
  • Do ecological and environmental issues concern you, but you just can’t match that with saving money?
  • Are you sometimes up in the night worrying about the kids future, how you will pay for everything they need/want?
  • Is being a parent sometimes overwhelming with responsibility and choices?
  • Do school holidays give you cold sweats?
  • Is the weekly shopping getting more and more expensive and you still seem to have food wasted?
  • Would you like a helpful, realistic, funny place to grab some ideas and inspiration?
  • Could you do with some self care and loving kindness thrown your way?

Please share...