I wanted to prove that I (mostly) practice what I preach… today we had a playdate – idea five on our list. We already had a friend over so that their mum could work today, so extra friends just adds more fun!?  I made ‘zones’ in the house so that there were things for people to do, and the garden was ready with toys and scavenger hunts with a quick prayer for a dry day. We had 10 kids in total! Of course the plans are never quite followed as you expect, but everything was played with, not in the groups I had imagined and not in the order I had expected, but kids are always a lore unto themselves I find.


On offer was:

  • Table for making beanie boo houses from boxes and Hamma Beads
  • Downstairs TV with Trolls movie
  • Kitchen for snacks and notes with how to ‘earn’ them
  • One bedroom with two board games
  • One bedroom with a Lego computer game
  • One bedroom with dressing up clothes (the rest of upstairs was ‘out of bounds’)
  • All the normal stuff in the garden plus a lovely neighbour has given us their old play tent and some tennis rackets
  • Scavenger Hunts and bird feeders to make with cereal and pipe cleaners

Phew! What a great afternoon – lots of fun, no movie needed or computer games as kids just played with each other in changing formations and moving around the things to do. And it stayed dry!

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